Welcome to Toko. Toko leverages on high Smart Phones adoption in emerging markets to create a platform where manufacturers, distributors and retailers interact, promote, order and pay for their products 24/7.

Toko will gradually help distribution managers to adopt data-driven methodologies by providing a real insight into their retailers behaviours. All the reporting you need available online.

Your salesforce is not able to visit all retailers? Toko provides retailers an online and offline catalogue with 24/7 ordering process.

Using QR code, retailers can easily scan items they need and order them immediately, without the need for any IT integration.

Too much cash handling? Toko connects with local cashless solution providers in each markets to digitise all payments.

Toko provides your customers all the information they need about their orders and the delivery schedule qt their fingertips.


Toko aims to connect digitally FMCG companies, their distributors and retailers in emerging markets using a single platform. Toko provides on and offline catalogue of products, facilitates direct marketing and promotions, enables retailers to take control of the order process and pay electronically.